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RDEXPERT Test Planning Lite



Special Offer:

1-4 copies - $235.00 each
5-10 copies - $215.00 each
11-20 copies - $195.00 each
21-50 copies - $175.00 each
51-100 copies - $160.00 each
101-250 copies - $145.00 each

rdExpert™ Test Planning Lite software allows the test and evaluation community to provide superb test coverage while maintaining control of testing costs.

rdExpert™ Lite generates efficient, orthogonal, and nearly orthogonal test designs for complex test scenarios involving mixed factors (qualitative and quantitative) with varying numbers of levels. The test cases generated provide 100% coverage for all pairs, i.e., all 2-way combinations, and maximize the coverage of 3-way combinations.

rdExpert™ Lite-generated designs can be imported via MS Excel® into DOE PRO, or other similar analysis software, to analyze the test results.


1-4 copies $235.00
5-10 copies $215.00
11-20 copies $195.00
21-50 copies $175.00
51-100 copies $160.00
101-250 copies $145.00


Single User software requires 100 MB free space; Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista or Windows® 7; Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are required for reporting features of this package.

NOTICE: This product is provided by download and is not available on CD. Upon ordering, you will be provided with instructions for program installation and how to obtain the necessary license key(s).

*Phadke Associates, Inc. is the software publisher, and rdExpert™ is a trademark of Phadke Associates, Inc.

Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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