Lean Six Sigma - A Tools Guide 2nd edition

Authors: Murray Adams, Mark Kiemele, Lee Pollock, and Tom Quan ISBN: 1-880156-07-5

Lean Six Sigma - A Tools Guide 2nd edition

This handy reference is a simple-to-read and simple-to-use source for practitioners who are interested in improving the way they do business. Six Sigma and Lean business process improvement strategies bring a host of valuable tools to the workplace. Often perceived as two competing initiatives, we present Lean and Six Sigma as a dynamic, synergistic force, which can contribute substantially to bottom line results, enhance competitiveness, and improve levels of customer service.  (2003);  257 pp.

Each tool presented in the guide is defined in a Glossary and further described through four sub-sections:

  • What is It
  • When and How to Use It
  • Example of Use
  • Related Tools in This Guide

Tools are described within the following Sections:

The Define Phase - tools which allow a "top down" look at our processes

The Measure Phase - tools which are needed to assess current performance

The Analyze Phase - tools which discover why a gap exists between current performance and goals

The Improve Phase - tools needed to identify and test proposed solutions

The Control Phase - tools used to monitor improvements

Team Tools for Analysis & Decision Making

A sample of some of the tools which are included: Input Process Output Diagram, QFD, MSA, Value Stream Mapping, Waste Analysis, FMEA, Scatter Diagram, Regression Analysis, DOE, DFSS, Kanban, TPM, 5S Workplace Organization, Control Charts, Run Charts, Affinity Diagrams, Pairwise Ranking, Reality Tree, 5 Whys.

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